Air Products Plc  (AP)  -UK

Air Products is a leading global industrial gases company serving customers across a broad portfolio of markets. With over 50 years’ experience in hydrogen, we are the world’s largest supplier and a leader in applications in the fields of hydrogen production, supply and safety. We have played a leading role in the development of hydrogen as an alternative fuel of the future. This is documented, among other things, by more than 50 patents in the field of hydrogen fuelling technology.



Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies (CENEX)  -UK

Cenex was established in 2005 as a centre of excellence focused on low carbon and fuel cell technologies for transport applications.  Today Cenex operates as a specialist not-for-profit consultancy, undertaking techno-market research, as well as managing and supporting low carbon vehicle and infrastructure projects for public and private sector clients.  Cenex’ portfolio of live hydrogen projects includes the HyTEC project, as well as study work on hydrogen storage infrastructure.  Cenex also runs the Plugged-In-Midlands project for electric charge post infrastructure roll out and manages the UK’s largest National Low Carbon Vehicle Event.

City of Copenhagen  (CoC)  -Denmark

The City of Copenhagen is the capital in Denmark with a population on 0.5 million and a population in Greater Copenhagen Area on 1.1 million. In the municipality of Copenhagen the local government of Copenhagen consists of a governing body, called the City Council,  made up of seven committees dealing with finance, culture, youth and children, health and care, social services, environment, employment and integration. The City of Copenhagen has great focus on green economic growth based on environmental friendly development and we strive to become a greener and healthier city and be carbon neutral in 2025. One of the goals is that 20-25 % of all light vehicles in the city must run on electricity, hydrogen or biomass in 2025. Copenhagen has been awarded the European Green Capital Award for 2014.

Copenhagen Hydrogen Network  (CHN) -Denmark

Copenhagen Hydrogen Network A/S (CHN) is a fit-for-purpose company with the aim of creating a focal point for early hydrogen infrastructure roll-out in Denmark, starting in Copenhagen. Copenhagen Hydrogen Network builds upon the many years of hydrogen infrastructure activities in Denmark by H2 Logic A/S and the Hydrogen Link Denmark network.

Element Energy Ltd -UK

Element Energy is one of the UK’s leading low carbon energy consultancies, providing a combination of strategic advice and technical analysis for clients facing energy and carbon related decisions. Element Energy’s work spans the built environment, transport and power generation sectors. Our holistic understanding of the issues and challenges across these sectors means we bring unique insights to every project. Element Energy has been involved in the hydrogen sector for over ten years and is an active partner in many UK and European hydrogen activities. Element Energy has been central in initiating the largest European hydrogen transport projects, securing over €100m of funding in recent years.

Fraunhofer IBP  -Germany

The Department Life Cycle Engineering (GaBi) at Fraunhofer IBP has gained expertise conducting Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) of hydrogen mobility in various EU-projects. Starting in 2001 with the CUTE project with buses running in 9 European cities, GaBi has further expanded its expertise being part of the projects ECTOS (Reykjavík/Iceland), STEP (Perth/Australia), HyFLEET:CUTE (8 European cities, Beijing/China, Perth/Australia and Reykjavík/Iceland) and CHIC (currently running buses in 8 European cities and Whistler/Canada). GaBi was also main author of the guidance document for performing LCAs on hydrogen technologies in the scope of the FC-HyGuide project.

Greater London Authority  (GLA)  -UK

Hydrogen energy in London will help transition London to an economically thriving low carbon capital, delivering investment, growth and jobs; securing low carbon energy supply and renewable storage potential and play a significant part in reducing CO2 emissions; reduce harmful air pollutant emissions and improve Londoners’ health and quality of life.

The London Hydrogen Partnership is working to raise the profile and investment opportunities of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies among London’s investors, businesses and residents, to champion new and existing projects and to make use of the powers within the Greater London Authority to drive the expansion of this energy carrier and technologies in London.

Heathrow Airport Limited

Heathrow plays an important role connecting London and the UK to the world. Our vision to be ‘Europe’s hub of choice’ relies on Heathrow being managed sustainably by enhancing the airport’s social and economic benefits and reducing our negative environmental impacts. HAL is a founding member of Sustainable Aviation, set up to ensure the UK aviation industry meets its environmental responsibilities over the years ahead. Through our Air Quality Strategy, we will minimise emissions from aircraft and vehicles that use the airport. HAL has led a number of alternative vehicle fuel projects and is currently focussing on electric and hydrogen.

Hydrogen Link  (HL)  -Denmark

Hydrogen Link is a national network for advancing use of hydrogen for transport in Denmark. Hydrogen Link facilitates and coordinates the build-up of hydrogen refueling infrastructure and roll-out of fuel cell electric vehicles in Denmark. Hydrogen Link is part of the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership that works towards ensuring Scandinavia as one among the first regions in Europe where hydrogen is available and used in a network of refueling stations.

HyER  (HyER)  -Belgium

HyER, the European Association for Hydrogen and fuel cells and Electro-mobility in European Regions was established in collaboration with the EU Commission in 2008. HyER supports the deployment and uptake of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and electro-mobility in Europe to contribute positively to carbon dioxide emissions reduction, environment protection as well as economic growth and employment. HyER is representing over 30 regions and cities in Europe.


hySOLUTIONS GmbH is an affiliate company of Hamburger Hochbahn AG (HOCHBAHN) which is the largest partner in Hamburg’s transport association and the leading operator of public transport services in the metropolitan region. hySOLUTIONS is in charge for the development of electric mobility applications in Hamburg especially with hydrogen and fuel cells in buses and passenger cars. The company has been involved with hydrogen and fuel cell technology for more than seven years in projects on European and National level. Also hySOLUTIONS is the regional co-ordinator for electric mobility as part of the German program for the funding of “model-regions”.

Intelligent Energy (Ltd)  -UK

Intelligent Energy is a global clean power systems company, commercialising its leading hydrogen fuel cell technologies with its corporate customers across the Motive, Stationary Power and Consumer Electronics sectors. The company  recently formed a joint venture company, SMILE FC System Corporation, with the Suzuki Motor Corporation to develop and manufacture air-cooled fuel cell systems for a range of industry sectors. Intelligent Energy and Suzuki have previously developed the Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter – the first ever fuel cell vehicle to achieve European Whole Vehicle Type Approval. Intelligent Energy is also leading the integration of fuel cell powertrain systems into  zero emission London Black Cabs for operation in London as part of the HyTEC programme.

Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH (LBST) –Germany

Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH (LBST) is an expert consultant for energy and environment, supporting international clients from industry, finance, politics, and non-governmental organisations in strategy, technology, and sustainability. Its cutting edge competence is based on three decades of continuous experience, and on its interdisciplinary team of leading experts, bridging policy, economy, and technology.  LBST supports its clients with system and technology studies, strategy and sustainability consulting, project coordination and capacity building. Particular expertise exists in energy (renewables, energy storage, hydrogen and fuel cells) and mobility (fuels and drives, infrastructure, mobility concepts), with our work in sustainability cutting across all sectors.

London Bus Services Ltd (TfL)  (LBSL)  -UK

Transport for London (TfL) is a public sector organisation charged with managing the delivery of public transport in London (including underground rail, buses, taxis and cross river ferries). London Bus Services Limited (LBSL) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of TfL who oversees the management of all bus services and is currently involved in hydrogen vehicle deployment in the capital.

The work of Transport for London (LBSL) is governed by the Mayor of London?s Transport Policy including targets to reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality in London. Transport for London has been set the ambitious target of achieving a 60 % reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025. Pending budget availability, Transport for London (LBSL) has ambitions to increase the number of hydrogen buses from 2015 onwards and support the introduction of new refuelling infrastructure and vehicles across London.

MATGAS 2000 AIE  (MATGAS) -Spain

MATGAS 2000 A.I.E. is a research centre, legally registered as a non-profit Economic Interest Group focused in areas related to Energy, Sustainability and Environment, from a broad perspective. MATGAS projects are geared towards industrial needs, covering the basic and applied stages of research, and they have a great focus on sustainability. Since its creation, MATGAS has been highly active in research projects related to the area of materials for hydrogen production or storage. We have participated in several EU projects related to our areas of expertise, including CO2 applications, hydrogen, fuel cells, and materials for specific applications.

Hyundai Motors Europe – Germany

Since its first export of 300 cars to Greece in 1977, Hyundai has shown remarkable growth rates in Europe, exceeding annual sales of 300,000 cars in 2003 and over 430,000 cars in 2012. Now Hyundai Motor Europe is covering 28 base countries (32 including Baltic countries and Luxemburg) selling the cars which are mainly designed for and made in Europe.

We are fully committed to execute customer-oriented business strategies and to become the most beloved brand. Thanks to systematic operations among teams and divisions in HME, we are able to respond to fast-changing market conditions more accurately and to generate greater sales momentum in order to reinforce Hyundai’s status in Europe.

Since the end of 1990s, Hyundai Motor Company has been strongly committed to research and development of eco-friendly vehicles, with a strong emphasis on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai has been participating in the U.S. DoE FCEV demonstration projects since 2004 and is the main supplier of various Fuel Cell vehicle demonstration projects in Europe.


Funding support provided from the EU’s FP7 programme for the Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiative.