In Copenhagen, the FCEVs are operating in different municipality administrations. The vehicles are running satisfactory and the civil servants are very pleased with them.

The FCEVs are used by many different end-users. They are for instance used by one of the seven Mayors of Copenhagen at the occasion of meetings, or by the Copenhagen Fire brigade for meetings and for monitoring fire alarms in buildings. The Metro Supervision team is using the FCEVs in connection with the inspection of the Metro constructing 24 hours a day. Nine of the FCEVs have more or less specific end-users whereas the six vehicles allocated to the Technical and Environmental Administration are part of a Municipal car pooling system with 2,200 potential end-users.

All the vehicles were allocated at the end of August 2013 following training sessions of fleet administrators and end users / city servants. Between June and November 2013, the FCEVs have driven all together 47,000 kms and refueled 920 kg hydrogen during 284 refuelling operations. The FCEVs are used for short and long distance driving and the longest trip is about 460 km on one tank.

Each FCEVs is expected to travel 10.000 km by May 2014. The FCEVs will presumably be upgraded with a new communication system in order to comply with the two upcoming refuelling stations in Copenhagen.

Hyundai is using the experience of the City of Copenhagen to prepare the next generation of FCEVs planned for a commercial marked introduction in 2015.

The FCEVs are visible during the daily work of the city staff. Both peers and the general public are curious and want to know more about fuel cell electric vehicles, they ask questions about the type of vehicle, the range, the price, the expected commercialisation date of the vehicles at affordable prices.

The FCEVs gain a particular exposure during this year, Copenhagen being the European Green Capital in 2014. For example in January 2014, a FCEV was showcased as  part of the opening event of Sharing Copenhagen (official name of the Green Capital Copenhagen). A FCEV was also showcased at the occasion of the Elektromobility + conference in Copenhagen on 6 February 2014.


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